Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watercolor Fun Day part1

Another attempt at painting with watercolors, this time in Spring Grove Cemetery. This statue was part of a larger monument to various virtues, I think. This figure was labeled love, there were two others labeled truth and friendship.

The thing about painting/drawing statues is that if you look at them very closely, their proportions are strange. I had a hard time with the far hand (you can see where I kept moving the edge) because I kept wanting to make it the size of a normal person's hand, not the weird metal giant scale. But despite that I'm pleased with how this turned out, especially given that the sun was right in my eyes when I was looking at the statue's head, so I had to wait for the sun to go behind a cloud in order to see, or just make up the detail. 

Also, whenever the art history books go on about impressionists painting outdoors with nature and how wonderful that is, they never mention the bit where bugs try to drown themselves in your paint.

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